Finished my first ever #teapot!!! Really happy with how it turned out. #ceramics

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Daniel Nodianos
Brothers Keeper Tattoo

East River Tattoo
New York

Healed conch piercing upgrade featuring a rose gold “Cherry Blossom” end by @bvla that we had packed to the brim with marcasites. Deep tones and charcoals are the foundation of fall fashion, and this baby is a perfect way to ring in the autumn months. Let’s not forget about the rose gold and genuine diamond “Bali Style” end by @neometaljewelry in the foreground. All jewelry purchased at @rosegoldsf. #rosegoldsf #safepiercing #sanfrancisco #appmember #goldslinger #goldforeverybody #legitbodyjewelry #legitpiercingslook #legitbodypiercing #fashion #classyclients #gold

Skipping my first class today to get organized and study for my other class today and my last class tomorrow. (Plus i rly rly hate my class I’m skipping today, but wharves, its the first time) 

I have to get new folders and supplies and a new whiteboard so i can write down all my due dates for papers, projects, quizzes, etc. 

I’m v v excited to buy supplies. They put me in a better mood.